ADHD Alternative Treatment

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) refers to a range of hyperactive behaviour and poor attention span. It may include impulsiveness, restlessness and hyperactivity, as well as inattentiveness too short an attention span, not listening to orders and classified as too naughty. Children get difficulty in learning and socializing well under these conditions. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is sometimes named as hyperkinetic disorder kids meaning over energy kids.


ADHD Symptoms

Child must have at least six of the following symptoms for at least three months plus to an extent that is unusual for their age and intelligence degree:

  • Fails to pay attention to detail or makes easy careless, mistake during work or play.
  • Cannot finish tasks or sustain attention in play or others activities.
  • Do not listen to what is said to them.
  • Cannot follow through instructions or finish simple but long homework.
  • Disorganized during long tasks and activities.
  • Don’t like to do homework.
  • Always lose things such as pens, books or toys.
  • Easily distracted during any conversations or events.
  • Forgetful in the course of any activities or duties.


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